Closer Institute Recruitment Agreement

Outcome of Placement service:

We will source new sales team member/s for you within 4 weeks


Price: $5500 USD Total per appointment setter or $7000 USD per Closer


Time Frame: Our goal is to have the ideal candidates placed inside your business within 7 to 28 days of each engagement




  1. Appointment Setter or Closer placement

              Sales Recruitment

    • Sourcing the required setters or closers from our recruitment pipeline 
    • Initial interview and vetting process
    • Advise on pay structure and best approach 
    • Present shortlisted sales candidates until roles have been filled 


    • Support onboarding them into your business with a smooth handover 
    • Discussion of KPI’s, Expectations and Company values with new talent
    • Implement a performance based trial period for new contracted sales people 


    • Initial advice to help with new sales people 
    • Feedback for your business if needed 
    • Replacement guarantee if unhappy with sales people or they don’t perform inside 2 months of starting
    • Can contact us any time via email, private messenger channel or 1:1 call if needed 



Additional sales staff can be recruited by talking with Kruze, Closer Institute Team or emailing

If hiring more than 2 sales reps, please discuss so we can design a custom solution and best approach

You acknowledge over time due to the demand for our services and increased results over time under our own discretion we may amend these terms or increase the pricing set out in this agreement however we will notify of any changes before continued placements

Important Terms:


Guarantee: We guarantee to replace any Setter or Closer whose contract is terminated within 60 days of the commencement date of their contract, unless the Setter or Closer terminates their contract with you because they have not been provided with sufficient leads, training or support.


Your signature on this agreement indicates compliance with the above requests, understanding of the services provided and authorization for us to start this engagement at the set placement pricing amounts indicated per setter or closer set out at the beginning of this agreement

I hereby authorise and confirm that I understand the conditions offered and listed above in this agreement.

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